Sente Intensive Eye Therapy

The skin around the eye is one of our biggest challenges in skin care. This delicate, transparent skin shows fatigue, skin laxity, sun damage in all our most unfavorite ways. I am forever on the hunt for the holy grail of eye creams. Enter Sente. This is a relatively new company (a lab, really) on the scene of skin care technology. They are focusing on their darling ingredient, Heparan Sulfate Analog (HSA), as their key into your medicine cabinet and hopefully into your skin care routine forever. 

Sente Intensive Eye Therapy is designed to be used both morning and night as your base layer eye care. HSA is basically a  smaller, more absorbable (is this a word?) version of our beloved hyaluronic acid. At least this is how it was explained to me. We always want to figure out ways to make our skin care ingredients small enough to truly GET into our skin and not just linger on top. Sente is a silky smooth application; my favorite feeling eye cream so far. It plays well with coverup and foundation. I feel it is extremely hydrating, so those claims seem to truly hold up. You will also find caffeine in the ingredient list, which helps reduct the look of those dark circles. The things you won’t find here are more aggressive anti-aging ingredients, such as retinols, to focus more on decreased elasticity or compromised texture. What you WILL find is that fine lines look better due to that extremely efficient delivery of moisture. I like the appearance of my under eye after I apply it.  If you have particularly sensitive skin, this could be a good choice for you. I think it will stay in my rotation, to be used when my skin is needing a break from my more aggressive, retinol-containing Replenix Eye Repair. Sente retails for about $100 for 15ml.

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